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Our Products

Welcome to our products page. We invite you to browse the extensive range of products we offer. If you have any questions why not get in contact, we will be happy to field any questions you might have.

Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Finding the right office chairs is a must for any company. The seating that your staff members use can have a major impact on their morale and wellbeing, so there is no room for second best. We at CeMac have a wide variety of chairs to suit any client’s needs.


Storage is extremely important to your office. Organising files, folders and documents for both you and your employees to ensure your office is kept neat and tidy is imperative. We have a broad range of storage solutions for your business that come in a range of different colours, styles and finishes.

Office Desks

Your office desk is where the magic happens. It is your main workstation where you do your planning, writing, emailing, working, studying, filing, crafting, homework, and more. At CeMac we have many different profiles of desks which can suit any style or budget you may have.

Canteen Furniture

Canteens have grown in importance over the last number of years. It is important for any company to be able to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in canteens. The canteen is not only used to consume food but it is also a break out area for staff looking to recharge their batteries or could be used for meetings over coffee with clients. We have a wide variety of quality Canteen Furniture and break out furniture in many different styles and colours.